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The Designcraft Studio

Unfinished Maple Keepsake Box with Hinged Lid - The Designcreaft Studio (8"x6"x3")

Unfinished Maple Keepsake Box with Hinged Lid - The Designcreaft Studio (8"x6"x3")

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Unleash your creativity with this unfinished maple keepsake box by The Designcraft Studio. This elegant 8"x6"x3" box is made from high-quality maple hardwood, sanded smooth and ready for your artistic touch. The secure hinged lid keeps your treasured possessions safe, while the spacious interior offers ample room for jewelry, keepsakes, mementos, or any small item you wish to hold close.

Design your dream box! Since the box is unfinished, you can paint, stain, decoupage, or embellish it in any way you desire. It's a perfect blank canvas for personalized crafts or DIY projects

Additional features:

  • Made from high-quality maple hardwood
  • Unfinished for endless creative possibilities
  • Secure hinged lid
  • Spacious interior
  • 8"x6"x3" dimensions

By incorporating these elements, you can create a beautiful and unique keepsake box that reflects your own personal style.

Here are some additional ideas for finishing your unfinished maple box:

  • Paint the box a solid color.
  • Stain the box for a richer wood tone.
  • Add a decorative design using stencils or wood burning.
  • Decoupage the box with paper or fabric.
  • Embellish the box with ribbon, buttons, or other embellishments.