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Extra Large Wood Box with Hinged Lid | Unfinished Wooden Box | 16 1/2 x 10 1/4 x 4 3/4 | Custom Engraving Available | The Designcraft Studio

Extra Large Wood Box with Hinged Lid | Unfinished Wooden Box | 16 1/2 x 10 1/4 x 4 3/4 | Custom Engraving Available | The Designcraft Studio

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Extra Large Unfinished Wood Box with Hinged Lid by The Designcraft Studio

This beautiful extra-large wood box, handcrafted by The Designcraft Studio, is the perfect addition to your home for storage or display. Made from american hardwoods, this box is built to last and features a rich, warm grain that will only improve with age. The spacious interior offers ample room for a variety of items and a variety of uses.

Here are some of the key features of this extra-large wood box:

  • Extra-large size: Measuring 16 ½ inches long, 10 ¼ inches wide, and 4 ¾ inches deep, this box provides ample storage space for a variety of items. Whether you need to store keepsakes, board games, blankets, or other household items, this box is up to the task.
  • American hardwood construction: Made from high-quality American hardwoods, this box is built to last for generations. The woods we use are known for their beautiful grain and rich color, which will deepen and become more lustrous over time.
  • Unfinished wood: The unfinished wood allows you to customize the box to match your décor. You can stain it, paint it, or leave it natural to showcase the beauty of the cherry wood.
  • Hinged lid: The lid is securely attached with hinges, making it easy to open and close.
  • Handmade in the USA: This box is handcrafted by skilled artisans ( my 2 sons and I ) in Tennessee, USA. You can be assured of the quality and care that goes into each box.
  • Custom engraving available: The Designcraft Studio offers custom engraving, allowing you to personalize your box with a name, initials, monogram, or special message. This makes the box a truly unique and special gift.

This extra-large wood box is a versatile piece that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Keepsake box: Store your most cherished memories and treasures in this beautiful box.
  • Storage box: Organize and store a variety of household items, such as blankets, board games, toys, or craft supplies.
  • Gift box: This box makes a beautiful and unique gift for any occasion. With custom engraving available, you can create a truly personalized gift that will be treasured for years to come.
  • Decorative box: The classic design and warm tones of the cherry wood make this box a beautiful addition to any home décor.

If you are looking for a high-quality, handcrafted wood box that is both functional and stylish, then this extra-large wood box from The Designcraft Studio is the perfect choice.

**** Just the Facts ****

  • Our boxes are crafted from 3/8 inch Oak, Maple, or Cherry American hardwoods ( no cheap soft wood like pine or imports).
  • They have a recessed top and bottom made from matching 1/4 inch Oak, Maple, or Cherry plywood.
  • The corners are mitered and the top edges are rounded over to give them a beautiful finished appearance.
  • They have an interlocking hinged top with 90 degree stop hinges to support the lid. Available in 3 colors
  • And lastly, you have the option to at latches or locks to the front of your box if desired.
  • Outside dimensions....... 16 1/2 x 10 1/4 x 4 3/4
  • Inside dimensions.......... 15 3 /4 x 9 1/2 x 4
  • We can also make custom size boxes on request. Just send us a message. Maybe we can help!

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These boxes are great just the way they are!

But Wait........
We can also custom engrave your box to give it an extra special touch. Just check the box above that you want to personal your box. Then leave us a message for your personalization in the box above and we will send you a proof for your approval before we do any engraving on your box.

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